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On Coloured Diamonds

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Describing the Colour Seen in any Polished Coloured Diamond is an Ongoing Challenge.

Communicating the exact color of a polished coloured diamond to someone else requires a simple and effective method for describing the precise colour.

Natural coloured diamonds literally occur in thousands of different colours and there are millions of different colours in our world, so the consumer can be endlessly entertained and intrigued by simply matching the appropriate common colour name(s) with a specific coloured diamond.

As we begin to explore and understand all the different colours that diamonds offer, we soon realize that diamond is not exclusively a colourless gemstone. In fact quite the opposite, diamond is the MOST colourful gemstone on the entire planet, occurring in more distinct colours and colour varieties, than any other natural gemstone!

What's in a Colour Name?

Keep in mind, that common colour names, are just one way to describe all the different colours that nature created in diamonds. These common colour names are fun to select, exciting to talk about, and they usually create a positive response because they represent peoples personal connection with certain colours (i.e., peoples favorite colours). And that is the “secret” to unlocking the mystery surrounding coloured diamonds – i.e., developing a passion for diamond colours through increased knowledge and improved dialogue.

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Stephen C. Hofer is a Geophysicist and world-renowned expert in Fancy Colored Diamonds. He is the CEO of Fancy Colour Consultants, LLC.

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